Projekt WISA - fotosoutěž

Vydáno: 9. března 2020, 9.11


Autorka: Simoneta Dembická

29. února 2020, 23.00 – 31. března 2020, 21.59
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Milí účastníci všech mezinárodních setkání projektu WISA, POZOR! Fotosoutěž je prodloužena do konce března! Bližší informace v článku.

The WISA Erasmus+ project is holding a photo competition from the 1st  until the 31st of March  2020.

The goal of the competition is to visually and creatively show the work and exchange of experience carried out by the participants during the WISA project, which has been implemented since September 2018, with the aim to develop media literacy as well as to build an international cooperation and friendship among teenagers from 4 different countries.
The competition also aims to highlight the crucial link between work products and emotional bonds connecting groups of people.

Themes of this photo competition are:



nature landscapes1
black - white3
proccessed photos4
group of people8
best WISA memory11


Competition rules

  • Candidates should be students of the WISA project partner schools
  • Submissions must be original photos, created by the candidates who own every right to use and publish
  • Submissions are expected to be taken during the activities carried out for WISA project
  • Each student can participate with only one photo per category, in as many categories is interested
  • The contest will start on 1st and end on 10th of March 2020
  • The jury consists of 5 representatives  from each partner school: teachers, at least one arts teacher, and one specialist on photography
  • Members of the jury will have no access to the candidates’ names
  • The results will be announced during the meeting in Turkey

To submit photos:

  • Email photo/photos at the address:  wisafoto@gmail.com.
  • Each submitted photo has its own filename written in the following form : NAMESURNAME_COUNTRYCODE_CATEGORIECODE

i.e.  KOUKOUTIANOSGIORGOS_GR_2.jpg,  if  my name is KOUKOUTIANOS GIORGOS, I am Greek and the photo I submit is a portrait



Good luck!


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